Did you know that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that calls them by name? And that 63% of consumers find generic content so annoying that it affects how they perceive a brand? If you’re showing identical campaigns to everyone who visits your site, you’re likely annoying your visitors and missing out on attention and conversions.

OptinMonster can help. Our advanced Dynamic Text Replacement technology provides automatic personalization guaranteed to make website visitors take notice of your campaigns. People are hardwired to pay attention to their own names, so this website personalization software solves the issue of popup blindness, and makes your visitors feel more important.

OptinMonster works on all platforms, so you can use Dynamic Text Replacement in WordPress or any other CMS that runs your site. So whether you’re an eCommerce retailer or a publisher, you can customize your interactions with visitors to convert more visitors into subscribers and paying customers.

Dynamic Text Replacement for eCommerce

One typical use for Dynamic Text Replacement is to reduce shopping cart abandonment. More than two-thirds of the people who put an item in their online shopping carts never complete the purchase, which means eCommerce retailers are losing a LOT of money.

With OptinMonster’s Dynamic Text Replacement feature, you can target abandoning visitors by addressing them by name when they come back to your site. You can also use Dynamic Text Replacement to show visitors a popup which includes the name of the product that’s in their cart.

Use this technology to personalize all aspects of your campaign, including the call to action, by referring to your visitor’s specific location or gender. And you can customize offers for each product page by using Dynamic Text Replacement with OptinMonster’s advanced targeting rules.

Dynamic Text Replacement also lets you use the information you already have from your email marketing or lead management software to show targeted cross-sells and upsells which are proven to boost sales.

Combine Dynamic Text Replacement with Exit-Intent Technology, Page-Level Targeting, and Geo-Location to convert even more abandoning visitors into customers.

Dynamic Text Replacement for Publishers

As a publisher, you need visitors to stick around if you’re going to earn revenue from content products and onsite advertising. But how do you keep website visitors engaged with your content in an era of shrinking online attention spans?

OptinMonster’s Dynamic Text Replacement technology can help you retain your audience’s attention and improve engagement with your content. You can use this feature to welcome returning subscribers by name and send them an engaging message that makes them want to stick around.

Dynamic Text Replacement lets you tailor offers to your audience depending on the content they’re viewing. This content personalization feature will help reduce your bounce rate by creating personalized marketing campaigns for each visitor.

Ready to increase ROI on your website with personalized marketing campaigns? Get started with OptinMonster today.