Do you offer a location-specific product or service and need to segment visitors based on their location? In this case study, we’ll discover how America’s Professor targeted their visitor’s location to ensure they offered the right product at the right time, increasing revenue 9.5% as a result.

Meet America’s Professor

America’s Professor understands what a daunting challenge it can be to obtain an insurance license. Their online courses are designed to simulate sitting in a live lecture with professors while students follow along in the book.
Americas Professor increased revenue 9.5% using OptinMonster.
National Positions is a growth-obsessed 360º marketing agency. They help businesses of all sizes reach new levels of success by focusing on strategic profit-driven marketing solutions. Matt Erickson, Director of Marketing, talked with us about how they’ve helped America’s Professor increase registrations for their insurance licensing exam courses.

How America’s Professor Personalizes Optins

Every state in the US has its own set of procedures and exams for insurance licensing. Visitors looking for information about licensing need to be certain they’re looking at the information about their state specifically. Otherwise, they could end up reading information that doesn’t apply to their own state’s requirements.

Matt used OptinMonster to redirect readers from state-specific blog posts to the sales page for that same state’s prep course. Let’s look at how…

The lightbox optin below appears on any article referencing Missouri’s exam, but only when the visitor is about to leave the page.

On average, 70% of website visitors leave without taking any action. It’s your job to give them a compelling reason to stay, and our Exit-Intent technology helps you do that. It triggers the appearance of an optin when the visitor motions towards the browser bar, a clear indication they’re about to leave your site. That’s the time to make your best offer or most helpful piece of advice in an effort to keep them from leaving.

Using our Yes/No feature, Matt lets the visitor make their own choices about whether to leave or stay.

Clicking “YES, SHOW ME THE COURSES” will take the visitor directly to the courses page for Missouri. Clicking “No, just looking for now.” will simply close the optin.

This is a great use of OptinMonster, and one that truly serves the reader’s needs. The person reading an article filled with tips about how to pass the Missouri Property and Casualty exam likely needs the America’s Professor’s Missouri Pre-Licensing Course. It’s a service to the reader to offer them the opportunity to buy the course.

The Missouri optin above redirects about 9.74% of visitors who see it. On some blog articles, it redirects even more, around 20%.

Other states see similar results. Georgia’s optins redirect between 10.97% and 50% of visitors, depending on the article where the optin appears. Wyoming redirects between 8.47% and 12.35%.

Want More?: Learn how OptinMonster customer, CPC Strategy, recovered 3.12% of abandoning visitors with exit-intent optins.

How To Do It On Your Own Site

Targeting the visitor by physical location can be used to run promotions or give announcements that only affect those in specific areas of the world. It can also be used to display campaigns with different languages, currency, or text depending on where in the world the viewer is.

There are several ways to personalize optins based on the visitors location and intent.

  1. If you’re using WordPress, you can use our connector plugin to choose the categories, tags, pages or posts where an optin will appear just by checking a box.
  2. If you’re not using WordPress or don’t want to use an additional plugin on your WordPress website,  use our powerful Display Rules to target the URL structure of your site instead. In this example, the optin can display on any page that contains the word “georgia” in the URL.
  3. The most powerful way to accomplish location-specific targeting is with our Geotargeting feature. Geotargeting checks for the reader’s location before allowing a campaign to trigger.

OptinMonster geolocation makes it easy to target optins based on a visitor's location.
Geolocation is available for all OptinMonster Pro subscriptions.

But Did It Impact Sales?

Redirecting visitors to a sales page is a great strategy for getting MORE qualified leads to view the page. But does it really impact sales?

Matt said, “We began running OptinMonster in December 2016. Starting there comparing month to month, year over year, we found that transaction conversion goals were up over 10% and revenues increased about 9.5%.

In Q1 of 2017 one location based optin (Texas) had 284 completions (a little above 12% conversion). Q1 of this year, the same campaign had 385 conversions, still holding at about 12.5%.”

Conversions are not the only thing that has improved since using OptinMonster.

Many businesses are afraid to use popups altogether, scared that visitors will be so annoyed by them they’ll leave.

Is that possible? Yes, of course! A poorly targeted optin that doesn’t first serve visitors’ needs will be annoying. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Comparing the first year of using OptinMonster to the one before it, new users at America’s Professor increased 13.6%. Pages per session were UP over 10%.

Popups don’t have to drive your visitors away. As evidenced by Matt’s results, personalized optins can actually help retain visitors.


America’s Professor helped their visitors get where they needed to go on the website without being pushy or salesy. They served the needs of their customers and it paid off.

  • America’s Professor increased pages per session 10%.
  • America’s Professor increased transaction conversion goals over 10%-12%.
  • America’s Professor boosted revenues 9.5%.


With a large catalog of state-specific products, America’s Professor used OptinMonster’s powerful display rules to target visitors by state. This ensured visitors were offering the right product to every visitor at the right time.

One of the great things about OptinMonster is your ability to test and adjust in real time. The options provided pretty much give you all you need for any kind of optin situation that you need. From time based prompted lightboxes to mobile specific formats, OptinMonster seems to have it all. Using OptinMonster, we increased revenue 9.5% for our client, America’s Professor.
Matt Erickson, Director of Marketing, National Positions